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Born in Madrid, Spain. I have not finished my Journalism studies yet, but It is not a priority for me currently. Activist and journalist (in this sequence). Advocate for self-management and freedom as a way of life. Participant in several struggles and projects associated to self-management of spaces, dinamization of assemblies and working groups, ias well as communication campaigns and event management. Next Step: Leaving Spain and learning English.

One thought on “[VIDEO] Stop the plundering of the Commons (Castilla y León)

  1. thanks. Beautiful documentary. We are very lucky in lost of villages in Asturias we manage our own water and common land, but we need to fight to maintain it! now that there is less people living in the villages, we need strong commitment and young people coming back to live here! and it is not that crazy, you know! the land, the water, the seeds belong to people how live in the land and don’t speculate with them!

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