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Hello Everyone!

I’m trying to use the blog, it’s not the first time that I work with wordpress but I’m not sure what kind of staff we can post here…

logo_ICBcnI want to share with you one international activist website

This project was born with 15M movement in Barcelona but during the project a lot of people from worldwide have been participated. You can find some information in English, Spanish and Catalan.

You can see different areas like the Newsletter section, the “On The Road” section (where the people can write the experince in their travels) or the twitter account @15MBcn_int that are always be informed of international activists news.

I’m not sure if this kind information is appropriate for this blog, I’m just trying to use the tool. I can erase it at any time.

To finish I want to share one video whit the interaction of twitter hastags in May, 2011. I hope you like it.


About Ánima

Born in Madrid, Spain. I have not finished my Journalism studies yet, but It is not a priority for me currently. Activist and journalist (in this sequence). Advocate for self-management and freedom as a way of life. Participant in several struggles and projects associated to self-management of spaces, dinamization of assemblies and working groups, ias well as communication campaigns and event management. Next Step: Leaving Spain and learning English.

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