Relaxing Cup of Cafe con Leche – Reading applications

Motivated participants!
Motivated participants!

First thing in the morning,

read participation forms .. really good stuff.

That’s what I need, motivated guys like you!

;) Very surprised by the diversity of backgrounds and activism.

Small stories will make a difference!

Looking forward to meet such a nice group of people!



About Lidia

I am a constant learner. I love arts, nature and cultural diversity, that's why I live in a rural area, connected to the landscape that is looking after me, my homeland, the green Spain. I am not a geek ;) ! But I am lucky to participate in this inspiring training course and share our new "common place" in this web.

One thought on “Relaxing Cup of Cafe con Leche – Reading applications

  1. I agree, Lidia :)
    So many cool applications!
    I am reading them now for more than 2 hours, drinking my favorite Tuareg Tee…
    I am really inspired by all the experience our future participants have and can’t wait to learn with them!

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