“What are you gonna do in Spain?” people ask. “I have no idea,” I answer honestly. What am I gonna do in Spain, what we are gonna do there? I keep thinking about it. Sure, I’ll know soon enough.

I’m quite anxious to see, to find out. Posada del Valle seems to be a perfect place – gardens, orchards, sheep. It’s been a while since I was in a real countryside.

The people, the team – what will they be like? Travellers, globetrotters, hippies? Maybe geeks with pockets full of high-tech devices, will they taunt my ancient and ridiculously heavy laptop?

Guys like me, I assume. Passionate for travelling, for the countryside, interested in gardening, permaculture, looking forward to meeting like-minded souls. People who still prefer the real life to the virtual one. People looking for another inspiration to help them solve their personal puzzle, to help them answer the obnoxiously reappearing question: What should I dedicate my life to?

What are we gonna do? What is Backpack journalism about? I’m sure all of us have a few ideas, at least I have. But still…

I should get the backpack ready, flying from Prague tomorrow (still trying to figure out how to cope with the carbon footprint). There is but one question left: Where have I buried my slippers?


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