Arriondas, ¡llegamos!

The italian contingent is now officially on spanish territory! Today the imaginative scenarios in my mind designed Posada del valle as a warm and colorful place with a bunch of smiling faces all around the fireplace (what a flourishing imagination, you might say, uh?!)… everyone of us drinking from a huge cup of tea, or maybe better, from a massive, restoring pint of beer! Here, waiting to sleep from the BBB  Hostel in Santander, with my boiling “manzanilla” pretending it is precisely that marvelous pint! And soon it will! Cheers!


About LudoVaica

I don't know where I'm going to, but I'm definitely walking towards it! I'm Ludovica, I study journalism and publishing, I'm in love with everything about ecology, handmade crafts, sustainable development/food/ideas/people! Hope to take the most from the BPJ experience, carrying up to you the italian way of doing it!

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