Gaiay Sofia S.L.L

Gaia y Sofia SLL, is a small worker-owned social enterprise founded in 2011.

The organization is based on the northern rural area of Spain, in the Principality of Asturias.

Our aim is to contribute to a sustainable common future where the social, environmental and economical factors are balanced and work together creating synergies.

Our main work field and expertise is on environmental education programs about food, deep ecology and sustainability.


Cooperativa Sociale Muovimente, Italy”

mvThe social cooperative Muovimente was founded in 2007 by a small group of partners with different backgrounds, education and professional experience.

Since the beginning it has focused its activities on cultural and linguistic education in a non formal frame, international volunteering and intercultural education.

It developes a strong cooperation with all the main realities in its territory, including City and Province of Viterbo, Lazio Regional Government, Viterbo Health Authority, Tuscia University, and many other public and private partners from Italy and abroad.

And it also manages the Youth Hostel / Community House of Sermugnano.


Petrklic Help, Czech Republic

PETRKLIC HELP is a non- governmental organisation founded in 2005 in Český Těšín in North Moravia region in the Czech Republic.

Currently PETRKLIC HELP employs 3 full-time and 5 part-time employees, but a great majority of our work is performed by volunteers.

Our motto: PETRKLIC HELP is a platform for creativity.

Our mission: We support young people by offering them space for realizing their own ideas and developing skills.


Pandora Association, Hungary

pandora-egyesulet5Our goal is to disseminate the practice and approach of deep ecology, voluntary simplicity and the broader outlook of permaculture.

We create time and space for collective learning and experience, develop a global vision that promotes conscious and harmonious co-existence with nature.

Learning is holistic that takes the trinity of body, mind and soul into account, respects and plays attention to all the participants and the community.


dTETRA, Project Deltae, Belgium

In 2009, the association TETRA ( initiates the project

Deltae for young people aged between 18 and 35 who are questioning themselves and the world around them.

The main objective was to create a space where we can think and embody the change by providing young people with a place to share and experience.

Deltae provides participants with tools and innovative paradigms, implemented by quality players who share with them the fruit of their reflection and experimentation.


Stichting Youth Exchange Service – YES!, The Netehrlands

Youth Exchange Service (YES) is an NGO that provides opportunities for young people to develop ideas and initiatives, promoting youth participation and citizenship.

We have organised several youth exchanges,voluntary services and training’s.


Fundacja Laja, Poland

Laja Fundation is a youth association residing in Cieszyn. We are located on a Castle Hill in centre of Cieszyn.

Laja Fundation conducts a small tearoom and hostel. This place is recognized as a creative and cultural space.

We are also accredited organisation for European Voluntary Service hosting/ sending and coordinating.

Our main interest is: organizing international cultural actions as well as local and national wide activities.

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