• We will use a wide variety of non-formal learning methods such as group work, games, creative methods, discussions, reflection time, etc.

Experiential learning will have a big emphasis in the program, with some innovative activities founded on the principles of nature based education, deep ecology workshops, Way of Council or individual and practical workshops outdoors.

Participants will be active at three levels, at an individual level, in a team and as a whole; and there will be three learning dimensions: Learning by thinking critically, learning by empathy and learning by doing.

“Head, Heart and Hands”.

  • We will be exploring Backpack Journalism as a tool for social change and empowerment.

More about Backpack Journalism:

  • We will perform small actions in the local ecology of the place and the landscape, along with workshops on food awareness; in this way, exploring our sense of place, self and community with various methodologies.
  • We will use “Service and Care” groups as a tool for community work, dedicating some time every day to taking care of the place we all share, the group and ourselves.

** Important: This will not be a course on Journalistic skills! **

  • We aim to explore how simple online tools such as blog, web, social media etc.. can give visibility to projects and establish new collaborative networks; and exploring its potentiality in youth work.
  • We will have a few workshops as an introduction to some technical skills (e. g. blogging, social media), but we do NOT aim to train participants in journalistic skills.

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