About the Training Course

If you are passionate about spending time in nature and want to become an active agent of your local and global community by pro actively spending time on social media and internet; then keep on reading as this course might just be for you.

Bye ! is what we hope you will be saying to those messages that tell you
“you can’t do much to change the world you live in”

Backpack journalism (BPJ)…

is an emerging form of journalism, where individuals or small groups report, document, edit and produce stories about what is happening around them and with their local communities.

More about BPJ as a method: bpjournalism.eu

BPJ is a powerful skill for youth to become active and relevant agents within the world wide web, shifting from mere consumers of content to effective communicators and engaged citizens; with the help of open source software and social media.


is when a group; researches, discovers & implements a more sustainable way of doing something. It is born from an interest in ecology and a passion to care for nature.

This Training course is designed to encourage participants to create and tell stories about those e(co)innovative actions that are happening all around them!

We are talking about an ecovillage, a new community garden, a eco-busines, a community kitchen, a CSA groups, an animal sanctuary, a tree nursery, an environmental courses, permaculture projects, open source projects and many more yet to be tagged…

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