more videos..what is the result?

After some months we still have good memories and continue “revealing” secrets from our learning experience together And..what are the results? Well, you well know by yourselves what this experience gave you, we only hope that the space and time we shared could give you choices to decide what you wanted to learn from it […]

Why not to use facebook and why to take care with social media in general

We’ve been discussing that too… So here you go: Richard Stallman very thoroughly on the topic:   In more interesting form of videos here: (7 minutes) And this one will blow your mind:   More context e.g. here (just for the very interested ones – the others may stop here and save their precious […]

Where to get WordPress themes?

We were discussing the templates (“layout, feel and look of the website”)… I said there are plenty of them. You asked me “but where”? Here are some hints: use your favourite search engine (I use Duck – “wordpress template”, “free wordpress templates”… have a look on official resources: … If you’ve got some […]

Post-training syndrome

I want to tell you, people, that the little textil thing I sleep with smells like Posada del Valle Hotelroom now, and I sometimes have to go and smell it like an addict. And my husband is giving me weird looks when it happens. And I can’t put David Bowie’s Space Oddity out of my […]